Hot ex- how to not be jealous and insecure?

So I went on a date with this guy, it was fun and we made out.
I really want to get to know him more... And I couldnt stop my self from stalking him on social media. Coz he had told me about his ex from high school and how he tried long distance with her when he left to another country for university. He said he needs the separation coz he thought it wasn't working, as all it left was sex but not a relationship (like as in you haven't seen your girlfriend in ages and when u see each other all u do is hump). Now as he is working after graduation, he doesn't thinks that he would go back shortly, he is happy for the separation. He they are in a friendly relationship coz they are still from the same bunch of home friends.
When i saw her photo, I just couldnt understand what he sees in me. She is a solid beauty and Im quite average... of course u may think that I'm harsh on myself. But no i have shown her photo to some of my close friends and she really looks like a doll...
So sometime I wonder why me... I couldnt but think that maybe he just wants some action, lowering standard for that...
Of course I may be overthinking since this is only the first date, maybe it wouldn't work out at all..


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  • "Show me a beautiful/"hot" girl and I will show you a guy who is tired of banging her"
    Weird saying but true. Most guys prefer average really (if you understood the trends.. you'd know that too)... I think there was a girl on here who said something about thinking her crush liked blondes and she was brunette and it was supposed to make some kind of difference.
    Unlike women, guys don't make huge decisions based off of one aspect or factor... we leave that to crazy ass women. we just have guidelines or wishes. Sure I want a pretty girl with a Beyonce body but if i find one slightly less sexy with acne but an awesome personality and im always myself and happy around her... fuck it... why the hell not.
    Guys mostly go for "hot" girls for bragging rights... they go for average when they want to settle. (not written in stone..)

    • that really helps :)) thanks a lot

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    • haha thanks for your long advice

    • true words too lol. you are welcome

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  • maybe he's trying something new

    • so its like he is curious