Help me gauge her interest?

So I've been out of the dating game for a long time. I met this girl and we have been talking for the last few weeks. I think she might be interested in me, but want to confirm before asking her out. Some things that she/we did:

1) Grabbed lunch together, just us two, even though she could have invited her friends (split the bill)
2) She said that she had always wanted to visit an arboretum, so she and I went together. Before we left, she told me that her friend and her friend's brother would be going too and that her friend wanted to meet me.
3) This week and last she has casually mentioned a few times that she is single.
4) Yesterday texted me to say "have a safe flight!" then when I said we should do something when we get back she said, "I would be up for that." Before leaving for the airport I realized that I had one of her books that she let me borrow, so I drove down to her apartment and dropped it off. We talked about doing something next week and while trying to plan it she said, "Oh yeah, just call me and i'll let you know before we go out."

I hope I'm not reading into all this, but I'm also hoping that she's interested. I'm flying back in a few days and will be planning something out for us... should I ask her out on a date?


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  • its so cute that you noticed all those things awwwwwww
    but yeah you should ask her out


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  • You should. Things sounds good so far

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