Boyfriend thinking of breaking up?

We had a fight, over this past weekend. I had been super emotional, but tbh it was because it was that time of the month, and for me it just makes me stupid. SO we had a huge fight over it, how i left a bad impression on his mom and sister. I kept telling him i loved him and i would make it up to him, we are in a ldr, about 2 hours away.. but Last night he did one of his things were he'd pretend he seems like he is going to breakup and then says no , no breakup. i said okay, and he said but umm i have been thinking it might be for the best. And to be honest Id do anything, I love him, and he loved me. We are 11 months in our relationship, and I told him that I wanted to fix things and Im not going to give up, and he kept saying he is tired of my shit, and stuff. I wanted him to give me till sept. and if it doesn't work then okay maybe it is for the best. But he makes me the happiest, everytime im with him its just something i cherish, and sure It was my fault for being moody, but he also said he did do somethings too, and I dont think i can say anymore but wait, for what its really going on, he fell asleep last night so im actually not sure what is going on, he didn't text me this morning but i did say goodmorning. but im going to leave it there, and just let him have his time. Do you think this is done? or could we get back from this, this is the second time its happened? and Im pretty sure I've done all I can to say how important he is to me.


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  • I don think he's gonna break up with you. He just got into the heat of the moment.

    • Thank you. Lol im still waiting for a text, but have received two snapchats from him. Not sure, what he wants, but Im going to keep waiting till he says something. Unless you as a guy think thats stupid and I should just say like hey or something,

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