I don't understand? Why do guys agree to go out, but when they ask what I want to do & I don't know, they don't respond back?

This happened twice in the last 2 weeks with guys online. I guess I am pretty confident in my looks and inner self, Soo I have no trouble asking out a guy I want. I don't see the problem. But the last 2 weeks, I asked out 2 dudes and they responded really receptive.. Saying yes definitely.. But then they asked me so what would you like to do? And neither of them have a car so I'd have to drive about a half hour to see them. Then on both occasions I said I wasn't entirely sure and asked if they had any cool places nearby where they would like to go since I'd be going to their neck of the woods... And then they just didn't respond. Do I need to be specific and ask them if they want to go ___ and do ___ ? Are they like nervous to come up with ideas or something? Like what gives?


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  • You do know that some guys still need their diapers/nappies changed!

    • LOL it appears so, hm? 😝

    • Am sure women must have known this for absolute decades, if not centuries!

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