We're not together, but should I tell the girl im talking to I recently became friends with my ex?

We're both 18

To keep it short, im talking to this girl i really like and i can tell she's a little into me. My ex came back into my life, but i have zero desire to ever give her another chance, plus i know me and my ex wouldn't work out in the long time. But we do talk as good friends!

I went out of my way to text the girl I like a quick message with a screenshot showing that I told my ex we're better off friends.
Here was my text:
"Actually I'll tell you now before I forget. I really like you, you know this, and I thought it would be appropriate to tell you that I've been talking to my most recent ex a little bit for the past 2 days. It's NOTHING like that tho, trust me she KNOWS all about you and I'll explain more in person. Also this: (pict message of a screenshot telling my ex we should just be friends"

Again, i went out of my way to do this. The girl never asked. Do you think this would earn brownie points (thats why i did it lol) or would this give off the suspicion that I have something to hide? I fear it could go either way!

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i also forgot to mention that the girl i like doesn't even know that my ex came back into my life. does that change anything?


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  • I don't think it was a bad idea. I think it's "wrong" to do it to get brownie points. However, I think that by being honest and telling her early on that 1) you like her and 2) that you and your ex are just friends and nothing more, and that your ex knows about her, shows her that you care about her feelings/opinions on this matter.

    Ultimately, she will have an opinion on it; either she'll be glad that you're being honest & she'll trust you more, or she'll be paranoid, that your ex might try to do something to sabotage what you've got going with this girl. You have to be ready for both options.

    Personally, if it were me, since it's early on in the relationship, I'd be glad if a guy sent me something like that. To me, I'd appreciate his honesty and I'd be more inclined to trust him.

    • Ah okay thank you. i also forgot to mention that the girl i like doesn't even know that my ex came back into my life. does that change anything?

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    • Sorry if im confusing, let me make this more clear haha.
      (this is a made up time line)
      -Sunday i message my ex about something and she's okay with my contact and we're talking as friends
      -Tuesday (2 days later) i tell the girl i like, that my ex is in my life again but its NOT like that with screenshot proof

      and thats pretty much it? the girl i like did not know anything about my ex being in my life, until i texted her Tuesday

    • I see.
      I think even in that case, it still wouldn't really make a big difference, because the timeline is so short. If I were the girl (the one you like), I'd appreciate the honesty. Especially since you guys aren't officially dating, you being honest with her about your ex is something that shows to her that you do like her and care about her opinions/feelings.

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  • Yes it was a good idea to send