I thought he was interested, but instead he says it's too soon, now what? I still want to be friends?

so I messed up big time...
i was utterly convinced of my crush's feelings towards me, hell, even everyone I talked to about it were also convinced. But then I asked him out on a date and he said: "*anonymous*, it's too soon! We've only hung out twice, maybe try to think more carefully and take more time. But I'd still like to hang out again!" Ouch. How am I gonna continue like this? I still want to be friends with him but I might have completely messed it up. And, of course being an idiot, I still think not all hope is lost. What are your thoughts g@gers? How can I continue being friends with him? And even though the answer is probably obvious, could I go for a second try eventually?


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  • lol what exactly did you ask him? it sounded like you asked him to marry you

    • I literally said: "hey maybe we could go on a date to *insert local place*" I'm pretty sure I didn't make it sound like a proposal lol.

  • Just tell him he is going to hang out with you. Make him do it.