Guys, why hasn't he asked me for my number yet?

I met him a few years back and he knows i had a crush on him then. but we haven't talked up until a few days ago. he had my snapchat but i got a new one and lost his. anyways, the attraction is definitely there, he opens the door for me and always sits next to me. his dog loves me. i always catch him looking at me and copying my movements. he always asks me if I'm in for activities and stuff. I'm pretty sure he asked me out but then everyone decided to join us. I don't know... i have a friend in the same situation and neither of us know what to do. my friend gave me his number but i don't want to seem like a stalker or anything but i wanna make plans and have parties. what do i do text him or wait until he asks me for my number (seems like never).

what would i say if i did text him?


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  • Text him.

  • Ask for his number, it'll really show him that you like him

    • i don't know how id do that. we can't meet up anytime soon... plus what if i get rejected..

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    • yup. thats my situation. i don't want to seem desperate...

    • I don't think he'll find it weird if you text him and just tell him that you got his number from a friend, unless he's really judgmental.

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