He is now rich, powerful, and handsome yet he feels he has reach the point where every girl is after his wealth and not who he is. What should he do?

I have this friend since childhood and he had always had a wealthy background and amazing genetics. I befriend me before I even knew he was rich and we had fun without money. He like to keep his wealth a secret and since I befriended him before I knew he trusted me.

The problem is that he has trouble getting a girlfriend when he was young. His story was more of an ugly duckling (meaning he was an average looking not so tall before). Now puberty hit hard and he's looking good and is fame got out in a paper he wrote. He's not famous, but anybody who came in contact with him and looked him up will know he has money.

He's now suffering from depression cause he feels like everyone only wants him for his background and looks. He's a big believer of the Disney true love and wanted to find someone who appreciates him for himself. I been with him for a long time and I knew his personality had always been the same. The problem could be because he can't relate to anyone because of his background. He can make people laugh but I guess his situation is unique. He's not the type to wave wealth over others face so he won't want to get a good looking girl just to brag to all the other girls who broke his heart.

So what should he do?

P. S. He's not looking to date anyone on here. Just advice please so I can help him out.

Also after his success, a lot of girls are after him.


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  • Look umm I'm going to be completely honest.
    First your friend is a lucky. I understand him feeling like people only want what he has but I'm sorry he shouldn't not feel sorry for his self.

    Imagine having to go through all of that but on top of that being poor. Yeah I went through the ugly ducking stage, I got bullied everyday, at one point we were so poor I had to wear a pair of busted up shoes because we couldn't afford anything else.

    I just can't see show the wealthy can sit around feeling sorry for their selves about trivial things like this we all get to a point in life where people only come around when it's beneficial. I have gone through some real hard times but i have never once felt bad for myself. You thank god everyday for the little things you have and if you don't like something about your life you get up and you do something about it. He wants change then it's up to him to finally say he has had enough.

    He doesn't like that people use him then you cut them off and start over. Meet girls who actually have worth, don't even tell them you have money but don't sit around feeling like the world is against you because even though he kinda has it rough there is always always someone who has it worse.

    • Well we actually talked about this too once. He tries to put a smile knowing others have it rougher on him. SO he refuse to admit to himself about his depression.

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    • I'll be honest it's just depressing in his situation.

    • Sounds bad. Try to get him out in social environments more or him to your network of friends. He needs other people in his life

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  • Just rent them. It's better that way anyhow.

    "Never buy, always rent, anything that floats, flies, or fucks."


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  • Is there a way for him to hide he's weathy?

    That might be easier that way to find someone who truly cares about him.

  • Go for some one rich and successful in his own right

    • He has this paranoia that even people equally rich like him only for his wealth. And that people richer than him won't care to look. (He's not super model attrative but just above average. Well definitely better than before).

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    • ok so just date for fun. Well he has trouble seeing through flirty girls who love him unconditionally only for his wealth. Happened before and ruined him. They're not dating anymore.

    • Well move on. Nothing to cry about.

  • Pretend to be poor and find true love.


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