Should I give up on him? When to give up on someone you like?

So I met this guy on tinder and it's a long story but I really like him. He claims that he really likes me and he's "smitten" by me, but I don't know.. He replies late to my snaps and he doesn't Skype me anymore. He also said that "I talk to you to kill time," so I think he's not that into me but yah I guess he likes me...

I act like I'm not bothered by this and to just go with the flow, but he doesn't even live in the same city as me. Why am I even getting so caught up into this? He's going to a different university than me but it's a 30 minute drive by highway and he doesn't even have a car.. Clearly we can't be together. I've been in an LDR before and it was hard; I'm not sure if this is what I want anymore. Do you think I should give up on him or just go with the flow like he is? I mean we had a nice first date but we don't talk a lot like we used to...

I don't want to get hurt and leave when it's too late for me.. I mean mind as well leave when things are starting to heat up and nothing has really happened yet right?

  • You should forget about him.
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  • Nah. Give it some more time; maybe it'll work out.
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  • I'm not sure..
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  • Lmao stopped at tinder , really

    That's like weaker game that tont romo doe lol thats literally begging lmao man world need more big jacked athletic chisseled dudes like me


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  • To be completely honest with you, guys you meet online are not the most faithful guys. There are those rare cases but for the most part they will be sweet but they usual ally are just using you. I'm sorry :/ I don't want to seem like a downer or that I'm trying to ruin this for you but it is the truth that I have found. LDR are very hard as is and the act that he seems pretty uncommitted just shows that there is a good chance you will only get hurt by continuing to contact him. You and your mental health is more important than being with this guy. It is your choice completley but I encourage you to think about not only what you want, but what is best for you before making either decision

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