Do I have a chance with someone who is afraid to get hurt?

The guy cares for me, we are in a LDR, but when I started questioning why he wasn't treating me right, he confessed he is afraid to love again. He asked for time for himself, that we can be friends w/the possibility of being together. Any chance? by the way I am letting him come to me. He also isn't going to be seeing anyone and he would prefer me not to date.


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  • He's full of shit. He just broke up with you and everybody on here knows it but you. It's over


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  • Long -distance relationships are so difficult to maintain. Trust issues start to surface and insesurities start to develop , so you have to be an emotionally strong person to be able to enter into one. So considering he already has insecurities and a fear of being hurt it's going to be more challenging for him to feel happy and emotionally safe in a LDR. Emotionally security is paramount in any relationship

    He'll feel that way in any new new relationship, but over time his fears will subside due to the relationship bond becoming stronger. So I honestly can't see how he can overcome it unless it's possible for you both to meet up regularly.

    Relationships need affection too. People feel loved, safe and secure in the arms of someone they love

    • We had been talking about meeting (obviously not now) I know its hard to make a person trust you and i have just been there for him showing that I care. One thing though I am not going to wait inevitabely for this guy to start opening up to mr.

    • Yeah you can't put your life on hold. He has to show a willingness and eagerness to be with you

      Sometimes people just have to risk being hurt because in general , there's no guarantees in love anyway.

    • I am not holding my breath, although i really care for him. The ball is in his court and whatever he decides is up to him. Meanwhile i will open myself for another guy, who will take the plunge and put in his all for me.

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