How do I figure out if this girl likes me, while she has a boyfriend?

I am totally in love with this girl. But she has a boyfriend. I see boyfriends as no trouble though. But I do hate to gamble when I know it's not a sure thing. So I want to know if there's some sort of way to find out if she likes me even though she has a boyfriend. Although the chances of confessing to this are slim, I know even when dating someone people (of BOTH sexes) are constantly scoping out potential significant others. So how do I make sure I'm in her range of scope? Like how do I see if she COULD like me like that if she DIDN'T have a boyfriend you know?


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  • I would be myself and support her all the way . Talk to her and just simply communication is the most important in a friend way. Do something and see if her reaction . For ex: how I met my fiance is the same situation as you do. We are friends online gaming while she have boyfriend . I talk to her a lot and help her in games. Even her boyfriend know who I am but I didn't interupt their realationship just by being myself make her thinks how I am and she got a feeling about who is better . The more you are yourself and honest it will pay off eventually. Don't force any thing in communication.

    Now she is my fiance . At first I we didn't have any thing but after all the honest and communication and being yourself it pays off to be together.

    Good luck to you , hope this advice will help .

    • That makes sense, and I see how that could work.

  • Just be friends, flirt a liitle see if she responds, eye contact etc...

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