Girls, Have you approached a random guy, you found sexually attractive at first sight?

Like the title states, did you ever approach a random guy you found sexually attractive just by his looks alone?


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  • Yeah I have once, just started talking to him by asking a few questions. He talked about himself and that was about it. Maybe he wasn't into me or didn't realise I wasn't just making conversation.
    The other night I was hanging around a giy friend and one of his attractive friends who I had not met came up and I started talking to him without an introduction but I guess he approached because my of our friend being there. Does that count?

    • Thanks. That does count :)) What sort of question did you ask him first?

    • Just small talk.
      One guy was a contractor at my work place so I timed my coffee break for when I could see him on his own in the lunch room, went and said hi, then I asked him about the job he was doing for my organisation. Just an ice breaker. He went into detail about the job. He didn't use the opportunity to continue the conversation so it ended
      I was at a social dance run by the studio where I get lessons and I was hanging out with a guy friend and a few others and his cute friend came up to us. I introduced myself and he told me his name. I think I then asked what level he was at with dancing and we are same level. He asked which day I do classes, he does a different day and rationalised that is probably why we haven't met. He then asked me to dance with him so I did. After our dance, he looked like he was nlt knkwikg what to say and about to leave and so I asked him about where he was from because his name suggested he was from the same country my father was from...

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  • No. I don't approach people.

  • Yeah, I went and stood next to him at the bar and said hi. It turned out that we got on really well and had a lot in common, and he really made me laugh. We started seeing each other for a few weeks but it didn't work out.

    • Thanks. Why didn't it work out? Did you even want to have casual sex with him?

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    • I totally understand the way you think and agree to your point :))

      Girls like you, are most likely amazing in sex as well, because of the passion and feelings you endure for the guy you truly love !! So your guy would be lucky as ;)

    • Aah thank you :)

      Yeah I am very passionate, and I had everything to give him - guess he wasn't that bothered though :(