Emotional detachment?

I used to like this friends with benefits of mine a lot, we've seen eachother frequently on and off for about a year only inside his bedroom though. Anyways we haven't seen eachother for about 2 months because he was dating someone else. now just recently he text me again and we saw each other that same night. Through out the whole 2 months we have not spoken at all, I must admit I really really miss him but there was no way I could get ahold of him, he blocked me. just told me after I saw him that night. fast forward, after we had a long sex, i had an oragasm , he didn't come but he showed he didn't mind. it was like old time, sex cuddle and I ended up staying the night. but this time it was different , I can honeslty say I felt super uncomfortable staying the night with him, especially sleeping and cuddling with him. My body was not relax at all, when he hugged me all I can think about was, I wanna get out. I never felt so detached with this person now I do, can someone explain what's going on? I always had this person on my mind and wish to be near him but since that night I couldn't even stand sleeping next to him. anyone care to explain?



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  • you're not a priority, and that night, you felt like second choice.


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  • You just no longer care about him. It happens. It's not that weird.

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