What is some good advice for dating an independent girl?

Many of you may know my story, but I have recently gone on four dates with a girl I met online who seems to be very independent. When we are together, things are great and she seems very engaged (holding hands, but no make outs yet), but during the week, we don't text all that often. It's hard to tell where I stand sometimes because she responds to texts hours sometimes even a day or so later. But the response is usually a well put together paragraph and not some short response. I'm in nursing school so the long response time itself doesn't bother me, it's the not knowing where I stand with her, and I get afraid to ask because I know independent women run at the first sign of clinggyness. So ladies and gents, what is some good advice for when dating the independent woman?


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  • I would be wary of any woman who calls herself "independent." That's usually her way of telling the world that she doesn't need, want, or have the patience for a close relationship. I mean, honestly, every adult who makes her way is independent, but we all don't feel the need to label ourselves as such.

  • Just ask her. I know you're frightened of scaring her off but just ask her. Just make a date and ask her then. If she's a rational adult woman who's worth your time she'll be okay with talking to you about it. Cause right now you're making hypothetical situations out of nothing (unferstandable, we all do that from time to time when we're scared of fucking up) but if she's worth your time she won't be scared by a simple question.

  • i don't understand., she's independent bc she does not text?

    • if there was no texting how would you determine she's independent?

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    • It won't cause her to run will it lol?

    • if she's a rational and considerate person -the kind id imagine that you want to be with ), then no. she should react positively.


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