Could I have a chance with him when he gets over his ex?

We started seeing each other, but he was emotionally unavailable due to not being over his ex. Is there a chance he could come back to me once he gets over her?



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  • look out, they sound psychopathic looking to make sympathy bleed from you, then deny you what you want.


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  • ... We started seeing each other...
    No "Ands, Ifs, Buts About it" here, dear, it was the Best from the Rest thing that he could do with Not being with you at this Pointless Point in Time with Her on his Mind.
    Of course 'He could come back to me,' but Hoping Himself that He might be over her Enough to be Tough Enough to Move on. Problem is, he might never be, and Anyone could End up to be just a Rebound.
    Move on and Focus on another. You deserve Better than to Wait for a Ghost from Someone else's Past to Not Last.
    Good luck. xx