(Long story) She calls me her older brother, even when we were pretty much dating 2 years ago.. Should I win her back?

I've liked her for a while, I confessed my love for her last year & she was taken (you idiot). We were in the same H/S & now the same Uni. We cuddle, have a fair few similarities & we get along really well. But she always refers to me as her bro. Of course I always try restricting myself as much as possible from calling her sis. I feel like she's trying to prove a point, but that's pretty unlike her. She is the sweetest person you could ever meet.

Oct 2014, we had feelings for eachother without saying'I like you'. We went on some dates & things were great. The problem, my ex-girlfriend wouldn't let go (torturous on-off relationship which ended when she kissed guys at clubs but anyway..) My sis & I were one date away from actually telling eachother our feelings & I blew it. I kept saying to her I was"confused between two girls". Ex & 'Sis'. But 'Sis' text me a long paragraph one night basically saying "think about what's best for you". So I did & I had convinced myself I wanted Sis who even referred to me as her brother in that text.
On NYE, we were all invited to a sleep-over party. Ex arrived first after me. She kept talking to me. I waited for Sis to arrive but she was late. I was pretty much alone with Ex. Finally Sis comes & I try getting her alone. Ex keeps clinging on to us & I can't do anything.
We sit down & sis then decided to lay next to my legs. Things were good. The EX THEN LAY ON MY LAP. I was trapped.
Then the sleepover.. All night Ex was touchy & it didn't stop after the lights were off. I had a choice between sleeping between them or sleeping on the other side of the ex. I chose the ex!
New Year's Day I wake up to a text "I think you should try with the ex, you guys seem to still really like eachother". I was heartbroken & it was all my fault.
In March 2014 she got in an LDR. 2 years l8r they split up. She told me first before anyone. I need serious advice. I'm willing to let her find herself after a breakup, but should I bother winning her back?

Sorry for the poor grammar and spelling, I needed to get past the 2000-character limit.


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  • Honestly, based on what you said, I doubt it would ever work.
    You made the wrong choice in the past. You should have picked her. That's what you get for being indecisive.

    • You are right, I deserve this. I had a perfectly good girl and I messed it up due to my lustful thoughts. The Ex is quite curvy, but still looks fit (which appealed to me) and my crush's curves aren't that big, but her brain is 2x bigger than the ex's. I should have gone with that. Ugh. I'm probably going to regret this one until I find someone just as good..

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  • Things rarely work out if you get a second chance. There are usually feelings leftover from when it didn't work the first time.

    • Yep..
      She has said I'm one of the most attractive people she knows, but.. I don't know. It's more 'hoping' at this stage.. I'll see what happens from here..

  • Just tell her how you feel, don't be mushy about it just be to the point 'I like you and I want to go out with you'. Girls sometimes appreciate straightforward honesty.

    • I might have to do that, seeing as it is my last chance (probably..)

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    • You've made me want to drive up to her house NOW and tell her everything! Hahaha

    • Hahaha DO IT seriously, definitely bold and might even get you laid if you're lucky.

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