Too soon? Kissed on first date?

I'm hesitant and cynical because I have been burned by a guy with BPD and I definitely wanna avoid that again.

I went on a first date with a guy a few days ago and it was really fun. We went to dinner, to a wine bar and then ended up at a bar. We admittedly drank too much for a first date probably, but it loosened us both up in a good way.
He says he's one of those where when he drinks, he says everything he's thinking.
He started carrying on about how pretty I was and kept saying it over and over (I like hearing it, but it was almost all he was saying for a few minutes)

anyway, he ended up holding my hand while we were walking and kissed me multiple times in the parking garage before we left. I usually don't kiss guys on a first date.
The next day, he texted me that he had been thinking about the kiss all day and that it made him all tingly when he thought about it, and he could've stayed in the parking garage and kissed me all night. My friend is being a Debbie downer and is saying that doesn't sound normal and sounds too eager

what do you guys think?

and also, he's asking what I like in a man both physically and like emotionally and she thinks he's trying to mold himself to be my ideal guy.


What Guys Said 1

  • I wouldn't be too conclusive for the moment... he's obviously fallen totally in love and that translates into what he's texting you.
    I'd stay in touch and be vigilant but not negative about it. If he's a creep you'll discover it soon but no reason to panic I think :D


What Girls Said 1

  • It's fine/acceptable in my opinion. Your friend sounds a little jealous.