So currently I'm seeing this guy, very accomplished for his age. He has a good job and works long hours. He also lives about 40mins away from me. Anyways we've gone on about 5 dates and we have such a great time together. He says he likes me a lot and I'm starting to like him back a lot. During the week I understand that he may be busy with work so i don't stress about his super late responses to my texts. But when it comes to the weekend its the same thing if anything longer. Hours and hours just to reply. I've gotten to the point where I'm wondering if he has a girlfriend or something. I get to see him like once or twice out of the week and I have seen him one Saturday. Could it be possible he's just to busy or could he have a gf? I doubt its that he's not into me cuz he is. I'm contemplating on walking away now before i can get hurt or just see where it goes ( it has only been 5 dates) I don't know what i should do.

For the most part he’s super sweet, always paying for everything and when were together he respects our time. He’s not on his phone or anything like that. Am I putting too much thought into it?


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  • he might be selling drugs, or part of a satanic cult. he probably has friends, and family obligations in the immediate now. you're 40 minutes away, and have to plan a bit to have a good time. now you're starting to text too much. now you're making demands, and threats to leave. you're no longer a good time, the texts get further ignored because the alternators broken on his mom's car. he's gotta fix sisters computer so on so forth.

    relax. life gets in the way. learn a hobby like how to crochet, & how to knit. work on yourself, make it a rule, no interaction without self improvement. that way you're calling *after* you've hit the gym to make sure you're at the top of your game. if he's not that into you it's not a major blow because... you've decided being a loser hanging on his every text is a bad way to go about getting, and keeping a guy. he could be doing the ignore the stalker, hit the gym, hit on girls, self improvement thing, but it's probably life getting in the way.


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  • that does sound a bit strange but... it's not abnormal in japan

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