How to let her know I'm interested?

How to let her know I'm interested? So there's this girl that i go to college to with. We're on summer vacation right now and I'm a freshman going into my sophomore year and she's a sophomore going into her junior year. So i didn't really talk to her over the school year because i was in a "Relationship" or i thought it was but she was actually just using me for sex. But thats a whole different story. Anyway she recently posted a comment on Facebook that I liked and then commented on because i liked it so much. Then i noticed who she was and started a little Facebook stalking and i checked to see if she was single and she is and I'm pretty interested in her. so then she replied to my comment and said "thank you". Then I went on Instagram to do a little bit more stalking (I'm so sorry but she's really hot) and i noticed that i wasn't following her so then i followed her and liked 2 pics then. After about a week I was surfing Instagram when i saw another pic and i commented on it, and less than 5min later she followed me back. Another week went by and i got in an argument with one of my high school friends on Facebook about the topic that she had written about 2 weeks ago, so i messaged her asking her if could re-share her post. and she responded instantly with a "Go for it!!", so i wrote "Kk" and i did. She's hot and i definitely want to fuck, but on the other hand I'm no the type of guy that does one night stands or friends with benefits. they just don't work for me. So I basically just want to know if you guys and girls think i did enough for her to know that I'm interested in her? If so or if not, What else should i do?


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  • Talk to her more and try asking her to hang out.

    • But like I'm never gonna see her. and i feel like if i keep messaging on Facebook it would be weird.

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    • Yes. But if she says no, or if she claims she is busy, give up.

    • She said that she had work on the days that i offered so..

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