Don't you wish you could be the first choice?

Hey guys and girls,

I'm feeling down lately and wanted to know if I'm not alone. Every girl that I developed a friendship with and at least hinted at dating ended with me being shot down. After I would see them with someone else and it hurts.

It's like saying, "you're cool, but I wouldn't be seen with you in public". This is the same scenario all the time. I'm getting older, about to start med school and I always had to go through hell to accomplish something.

I know I shouldn't complain because others have it worse but it's so hard to be confident when you constantly try. I wish I was desired or someone's first choice for once. I envy that feeling when two people connect. I don't know whay it's like and I am afraid that I never will. I hate getting shot down, grieve, start over, repeat.

Do you guys feel like y'all are not a priority and just an option? Do you guys get tired of feeling like someone's second or third place or a backup plan?


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  • I hate it when that happens. I once waited 7 months for a guy who said he wasn't ready for a relationship but maybe. Eventually he said he just wasn't ready and I finally gave up. Not even a week later the a** got with my ex best friend -_-


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  • Sometimes yes

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