He invites me to meet his friends and then cancels all the time?

So weve been on 2 dates. He always wants me to meet his friends and invites me to the friends house. But then he ALWAYS cancels and says they're going to do something else. I check his snap chat and he is indeed with all guys so I don't believe he's ditching me for a girl. Apparently his friends know about me? . It's kind of frustrating. What should I do? Kind of not wanting to go on dates with him now if he acts like this. He proposes more dates and he texts me everyday.

  • Leave it
  • communicate and tell him how you feel. So you're on the same page.
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  • He isn't interested but isn't man enough to say so. Dump him and move on

    • I had a conversation with him asking him if he's interested or not. To please let me know so I can step aside. He said he is and wants to be more than friends. He texts me everyday, but I still feel like he doesn't like me. Even on our first date he didn't compliment me. Other people and strangers were complimenting me. I don't understand.

    • Actions speak the truth unlike words. You need to leave

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