Girls, How can I bring closure to the situation?

Can I bring closure to the situation this way?

Telling the girl this I know you probably don't have the same feelings for me but I just wanted to let you know I Like you

Thanks for opinions


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  • Yeah that's great but if she ask why or really tell her the things you like about her makes them think about it lol good lick


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  • Sounds simple... will it bring closure for you tho... just to say this to her.
    What if you get no response.. or not the response you hoped?
    What matters is either way it goes will u get closure?

    • Well I already know she's out of my league so yes

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    • Ok.. or don't get that u base ur feeling on that but whatever. But I guess u move on since she's better than u

    • I mean she could easily get a more attractive guy

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