Sent a text to the wrong person by accident, now I need help quick!

So this guy and I have been casually seeing each other for 6 months. Last weekend I slept over and he was all cuddly and kissy. I was confused because he doesn’t want a girlfriend right now. So I was texting a friend last night an was like “ Why would he want to cuddle with me and kiss me is he just wants head”. We any way he got the text instead of my friend and he got really mad. I told him I’m just confused about what he wants and I was just asking advice. He was like good bye I'm not dealing with this bullsh*t. I still really want to keep him around what should I say. I called but he’s not picking up.

Right now I am planning on sending a text that says “Can we just forget about what happened last nigh. WE have fun when were together, I don’t understand why we can't keep it up. This is what I want right now because I don’t have time for a serious relationship. Just give me a second chance.”


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  • He doesn't believe that you want a serious relationship because of what you accidentally sent to him. From the first text, it really does sound like you're looking for more than he's willing to give at the moment.

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