Is it wrong to ask someone what do they want out when dating when you only known them for 2 weeks?

Well I met a guy online. I was initially looking for people to hangout and find new friends with. Matched with this guy. We went on two dates in a span of 2 weeks. I didn't know what he was looking for though. A causal partner or friends or more? On our dates we held hands and etc. so I asked him to make sure we are on the same page. He said he enjoyed the dates and enjoyed hanging out with me whether date or not. If I don't like the dates then we can stop, he doesn't want it one sided. I said I was just making sure we wanted similar expectations so I can know when to leave and not have time wasted. We talked about past relationships earlier about lying and getting time wasted so I stepped up and asked. He said that's fair, and can't wait to see where this goes.

Asked does that mean another date? He said absolutely? I thanked him for answering and said it was awkward but when he wants to go on another date just let me know. He said he will and sounds good. But now I think he's going to ghost me. lol. I mean I understand it's awkward but I'd rather we both know and someone doesn't get hurt or confused. Makes it easier on both parties. He could be lying and just saying whatever. Maybe. But if he does now I will know it was just random bull he was saying and I saved myself some trouble. But is it WRONG to ask hey what exactly are you wanting? People are saying no don't ask that, it's too much. There's these rules people go by and I don't understand why you have to follow these rules in order to know instead of asking? What is wrong with communicating?

  • I think communicating is good
  • I'd rather not and just ignore
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  • Such pressure

  • No don't ask, you'll scare guys off. Yeah communication is good but somethings you shouldn't ask and certainly not that soon. Like I shouldn't just go to a woman in the street and ask if she wants sex, sometimes you shouldn't ask stuff

    • Well they can get scared. I'm not going to sit around and keep guessing for a month or so. He didn't seem interested in our dates so I had to ask. let me know so I can move along. But you're not going to some woman on the street. This woman you have been texting everyday and gone on 2 dates with. That's not a stranger. So that example doesn't apply.

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  • id wait a little.. but communication is def good. id wait until a month or 2 to have that talk tho

    • lol whoops. He probably got scared. Oh well. I'm glad I asked for myself. He didn't have to say all of that to me. I just asked him if he enjoyed going on our dates because he didn't seem like he did. *shrug* I never follow rules for dating well. Eh.

    • i didn't read it lol but i just did and i think the first few questions were fair to ask. i usually can tell which theyre looking for though. however, if he wanted to see you again, he would make it happen. I dont think you needed to ask him that question- it made you look a little insecure tbh

    • Oh lol. That's okay.
      Well yeah maybe. :/
      I am a bit insecure. He is a very sweet guy and i thought it was too good to be true. So I had to ask him. I'd rather it be out in the open. But now I'm super nervous if I'll hear back from him now. But we will see.