Weird experiences on dates?

tell me about your weird experiences on do you react and how do your views change about your partner when something bad happens on your date to you or him/her which embarrasses you too.thanks to all who answered.


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  • I met this girl at my friend's party. We chatted a lot on the party, and I stole a kiss (on the cheek).

    We started texting and I ended up on about 3 dates with her, the last of which we made out in my car. I then realized that she didn't wash her hair. I mean it was so bad that she probably didn't wash it in a week or two (smelled bad).

    I was so disappointed because it took me almost an hour to get to where she lived and this is how she repays me.

    I went home after this and never contacted her again. I think she was really baffled at why I never contacted her back again as she texted/called me for up to a year after but I never answered. I didn't know how to tell her that it was because of the hair either.

    After this I really found a renewed appreciation for women who smelled nice and made themselves look nice when I go on a date with them.


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  • My date was hunted down by her older sister..she was supposed to be grounded...and her sister hauled her away to her older sister's car screaming and crying..what a scene! I tried to intervene and got slapped by the older sister for my trouble...Ithink she was grounded for a century after that!

    • Ouch!!thats bad.i wish I was there on the scene!!

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  • It was a first date (and only date) with this guy. We went to dinner walked in to be seated and he walked past a mirror..stopped flexed his arm..looked at himself and said " DAMN I AM HOT"..Ihe was dead serious! I then turned right around and left by myself right that minuet!

    • Feel sorry for u.but its funny.