Are these valid reasons/excuses for not dating?

I would love to date a girl, cuddle her in my arms as we watch Pixar movies... but it just hasn't happened... I am 24 if it matters and here are my reasons I feel a girl will never accept me:

1. My Family is very dysfunctional, lots of divorces, alcoholics, druggies... lots of helping out sometimes babysitting, helping my family when they need it (The good ones) so I sometimes get busy with that

2. My career, I went to school, I am in that post grad life... working my butt off at an entry level job I hate... I also hate my field that I am in.. working 60 hour weeks... The pay is awesome, and I need it to help support myself and my family... but It really drains me... My hours are scattered so its hard to take classes for school or sport.

3. Inexperience, I feel this is a catch 22... I never have been with a girl to learn how they work... being myself just doesn't work... I don't have charm, or know how to talk to one... I am sweet, cute, nice, shy... but just not date-able I guess... I think I may be a "hopeless romantic" too? I have the idea of a perfect relationship and love...

So these 3 are the biggest reasons my confidence is shot... I see a girl, and I can come up with a million reasons why it would never work... Why would I want to bring an innocent girl into my life?


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  • Maybe you haven't allowed a girl to get that close to you because you have a lot going on in your life. You can't really make the choice for a girl. She needs to be the one that doesn't want to be with you for whatever reason that may be. If she choose to be with you.. Is that an issue? You need to tell her from the start so she knows what she is in for.

    • I do have a lot going on, and I have had no girl ( More than a friend) get too close to me...

      I really want a girlfriend :(

    • The girl who stays with you through the rough times would be the ideal girlfriend for you. Of she can be with you through those times, then you'll know that she is able to handle the pressure of the other part of your life, and she'll be there to support you. Just look out for her ok. Whoever she may be

    • Thanks :)

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