Is it okay to date a freshmen if you're a senior?

I fell madly in love with this girl. okay, maybe not madly in love, but I can tell where my feelings are going... and I can't get over her as hard as I try. She really likes me too, and our age difference isn't really weird for her since she's younger, but for me it's a little more difficult. There's straight couples in our high school who were freshmen/seniors but no one really cares... but I told a few people about this amazing girl I met and they said "you just couldn't date a freshmen." sure, maybe it won't last, but i've attempted to get over her and it's fucking painful. Everything about her just makes me happy and I don't know what to do. Side note, her dad won't allow it, so it's hard for us to be together in person. I've always dated people older than me, and have never had the slightest interest in dating someone younger than me, but she's very mature (she's even taller than me, lmfao) and I just don't see the age difference when I'm with her. Please help...


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  • I dated a freshman in high school when i was a freshman in college so i don't see why not

    • What were the obstacles?

    • And how'd it end (if it did)?

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  • It's not that it's not okay, it's just pretty pointless because you have one person who is getting ready to embark on a completely different chapter of their life: adulthood. Once the senior journeys through adulthood and evolves through adult experiences, adult settings, and adult encounters, the freshman will no longer be as appealing and interesting as they once were. It kinda just becomes pointless. Then it's like even if you do try to make it work, say it doesn't work, you have a freshman who wasted her high school years trying to make something happen that was never meant to be long term. But that's time from her youth that she can't get back. It's better to just not get involved with that situation.

    • Yeah you make a good point... so maybe dealing with the current pain and just ending whatever we have right now is good for the long run?
      you're probably right but I get so upset when I think about leaving her... I feel like life has just thrown a curve ball ad is like "oh, you found the love of your life? yeah.. let's make her 2.5 years younger, oh and you only find each other in high school, sucks to be you"
      I'm mad at myself for catching feelings so hard.

    • Yup. Minimal, short term pain now is better than long term, maximum pain later. This is one of those situations where you're just gonna have to have self-discipline and self-restraint for the greater good later on. How long have you two known each other and been together? Sometimes we think we've found the loves of our lives but what's going to happen is that one or both people will ultimately evolve, become someone different, and the connection will have outgrown it's course.

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