Please tell me why the following is seen as "desperation" ?

so if you´re way into somebody, so much so that you even stick around and try again if they already rejected you and make another advance. why is that desparation? what is wrong with knowing what you want and not giving up that easily? i mean i know it gets pathetic at some point but wouldn´t just letting go instantaneously indicate that you weren´t all that interested to begin with?

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  • Letting go instantly means you are able to take a no with elegance and move on.

    • how is it elegant to confess your feelings and then just drop her after a no xD what does that tell them about the honesty or the "strength" of your feelings? couldn´t have been that big of a deal for you then.

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    • Sounds like a quitter to me.

    • Thanks for mho

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  • it's not desperation, it's perseverance.

    • yes but so many people say "don´t stick around if she rejected you, that´s so desparate and pathetic"...

    • because we live in an era where people feel they're entitled to be happy... staying in a 'bad relationship" is the new shame, despite if you're trying to work it out. as oldernwiser puts it, disposable generation...

      no one wants to put in work anymore.. . everyone just wants that tree to fall w/ one hack ------- way i see it, if you keep hacking away, eventually the tree will fall.

    • haha from what i´ve seen it´s different in "relationships" and marriages. in relationships, people tend to stay together even though everything is shit and in marriages, people tend to just divorce, if things don´t run smoothly once xD