Girl innitiate kisses but doesn't really sound interested when textning her?

So I was on a date a while ago with a girl that I've been quite interested in, so during the date she was the one who usually wanted to keep physical contact and in the end also innitied to do the kiss.

However afterwards when trying to get another second date she barely shows any interest, and at the same time I don't want to be to clingy.

Also please skip the "bad kisser jokes" since I'm quite sure that wasn't the case. Also worth noting might be that I've known this girl since childhood and it have always been something between us, like I really dont want to lose her either.


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  • She either felt that you were not interested in her , in this case show her that you want her and make more efforts.
    Or she is interested in someone else now

  • She put in all the effort and you didn't put in much

    • But like, its only me who starts text messaging and its up to me to keep the conversation going, like one time we had agreed to call each other but she never called and I just sat waiting like a tard...

    • But when you were on a date she initiated it. That can make a girl feel unwanted

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