Is he a good or bad guy?

There is a guy who I like who likes me. He lives somewhere else. He is nice, he isn't clingy, looks good, isn't obsessed with looking good, is ambitious, and earns a normal salary.

The only bad thing about him is that he disappears after a while of talking and then comes back. all the time. And he takes hours to respond to me sometimes when we do talk.

Would it be wrong to call him a jerk because of that? Is he a jerk? Any way I can fix this?( I dont want to seem overreactive and cause drama because we're not officially together. )


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What Guys Said 1

  • Good or bad? You can't really know unless you see him regularly. His disappearances could be nothing or they could be a dangerous red flag.

    I wouldn't call him a jerk but until you see him on a regular basis don't consider him more than a casual friend.

    • Thankyouu:) So what do you think I should do about it? I don't want to seem like I'm overreacting but it bothers me so much.

What Girls Said 2

  • No, he's not a jerk, he's just flaky. I don't care for that, personally. I need a guy to be consistent and to actually pursue me. If I don't feel special and totally, 100% desired by him, I lose interest fast.

  • Maybe he's married :/

    • He's stated that he's single, he's not married :P

    • Lol... ok... was just thinking maybe he's hiding something ans that's why he's kinda distant...
      Hmm... maybe hrs jusy trying to not seem clingy or needy...

    • Yeah but its so rude. He even liked a pic I posted afterwards and yet didn't reply my message. Yet he told his friends about me and is considering committing to me. Ughh i really dont understand this guy.

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