Could this ever be anything more than casual sex?

So here's the context: I met this guy recently who's about 10 years older than me. He invited me over to his place and cooked dinner for me. The evening went really well - the conversation flowed easily, one thing lead to another and I ended up sleeping with him. I'm totally fine with this relationship only being about sex I just want to know if anyone thinks this could ever be anything more? He seemed to have a genuine interest in getting to know me and would say things that suggested us hanging out in situations where sex would be off the table, but I had assumed before even hanging out with him one on one that this was just going to be purely a sexual relationship. He also claimed he doesn't sleep around (highly doubtful but I can't be sure) and is divorced so I'm not really sure if he's the player type but who knows. I'm fine with just going with whatever happens, I'm just confused about why he seems so into me. Does he only like me because I'm young?


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  • Yes. It could be more, you could end up dating, though I honestly would doubt that it would turn into a long term, serious, lasting, relationship. Most people tend to want to settle down with someone who is more within their same situations in life and 10 years at your age and his is quite different. (speaking from experience. dated someone 9 years older than me for 3 years). I don't really doubt that he has a genuine interest in you as a person.