What stage am I in with this guy?

My guy says he really enjoys being with me regardless of being on a date or not. He's asking me what I'm looking for. I said to genuinely get to know someone. He said he wants to find someone that is a keeper and that he wants to date me. He says that I'm goofy like him and thats what he likes about me. I asked him is he multi-dating. He said no, he used to do that but finds it boring and hard to keep up with so many girls. I for one cannot do multi-dating. I only focus on one person and communicate the best I can so we are on the same page. If it doesn't work out, then I move to someone else to get to know.
We have a 3rd date planned. Every time he is flirtatious and opens up to me he's drunk. Every other time he's really shy but he does make moves like hold my hand. I'm still not used to this kind of stuff. No one's ever taken an interest in me. So are we considered "dating" now? Or like is this still considered just getting to know someone?

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