Why do I get bitter and upset?

When I'm friends with a girl and she has pictures with her ex up and instantly reality hits me that I could never get this girl

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  • This is a statement?

    • No I just wanna know why it affects me the way it does like this girl is really attractive and I can't figure out why , if a hot girl is the same as a normal girl why can't I get her or why won't my mind allow that thought process to occur

    • You stated why it makes you consciously upset, in the first part, the rest is chemicals and biology.
      Hot girls and normal girls are also basically biology/instinct. Stronger attractions are more coveted. Hot girls and average girls do have similarities but they aren't exactly the same, you should try to see and treat them as a girl in general and not on a pedestal like they're out of your league. Confidence gets you pretty far with some.

    • I just feel like I'm reaching for something that I will never get

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