Why do guys act like jerks when you ignore them?

Or when you reject them nicely? I was nothing but nice to this guy (who likes me) and I tried to talk to him about this but he was acting like a jerk with me. I just walked away from him cause I felt disgusted by him and stupid for wasting my time on this idiot.

Well here's a correction to this question "Why do some guys act like jerks when you reject them?"


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  • Probably to save face and not seem like they're trying to win you back by being overly nice.
    ... you didn't waste your time on him, though?

    • Nah. The moment I tried talking to him about it I realized he's just not worth my time and I just walked away from him. I did the right thing didn't I?

    • yeah, probably. The balls in his court now so if he ever wants to be friends or something more with you, it's up to him to make that happen.

    • Yeah I guess..

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  • Because rejection sucks, I've rejected girls before apologized and they never got over it or just kept begging to be accepted by me. They did a study and found that rejection actually activates the same part of the brain that is activated when one breaks a bone. Rejection sucks and is painful to deal with.

  • Something something generalization.

    • Oh sorry my bad! I should've said "some" guys

  • I don't know those feels. I've never been ignored.


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