Girls, Give me signs to know that you're willing to get out of the friendzone? How can I know this?

Let's sort this thing out.
Sometimes a guy misunderstands a girl's action, and when he drags her out of the friend zone, he discovers, that she's not into that.

This is awkward, he feels he is disrespectful. This is wastage of dignity!

So let's be as short and clear as we can.
Give me signs to know that you are willing to get out of your friend zone.


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  • Start being more flirty with her and see how she responds. If she responds positively then keep increasing your flirtiness until you feel comfortable enough to make a move/ask her out


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  • Sending nudes

    • I don't do that but I assume it's a sign girls want you

    • Sending nudes!
      Based on the fact that both you and me know that sending nudes is for those who want sex not those who want relationships. and that we both know no girl will do this, unless she's a bitch in the market.
      Therefore, this is either a sarcasm or you're making fun of me.

    • Bitch in the market hmm I guess