Girls, Do you judge guys based on height for romantic purposes?

Like do you automatically count it against a guy if he is say 5'6, even though you know he has zero control over that, and can easily make up for it with tons of other attributes.

I personally don't care if a girl is 5'0 or 6'0, or anywhere in between.

  • Yes
    38% (3)
  • No
    62% (5)
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  • I count height against people, yeah. If their height is going to make things between us then I'm not gonna be too enthusiastic about getting with them. Like, I can't even kiss my boyfriend if we're both standing up straight unless I climb up onto something because of the height difference so obviously, if his height is already frustrating, I'm not going to be interested in someone any taller.


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  • No, I've dated short guys

  • Yeah, he can't be shorter than me #sorry

  • I like guys 5'8 and north i just like guys significantly taller than me. Im short at 5'2..5'6 would be ok tho.

    • Let's he friends?

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    • You really should go get a dictionary... and call it what you want... but id not go out with a 5'6 whiny guy... for that matter i wouldn't date a 6' whiny guy so maybe your biggest problem isn't your height?

    • biological clck ticking

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