Girls, Why has she rejected me I'm so confused?

Ok so before I start she hasn't actually said no or anything but 1 year ago noticed a very gd looking woman on the train after work we instantly started just gazing at each other. Day after day. For weeks. It got to a point were she was staring all the time and huffing a puffing behind me if we're waiting for the train. Ok so I disappeared I noticed that if I got on the train she would be staring looking depressed and a soon as she would see me her eyes would light up and she would look happier. So I disappeared again and seen her 1 week later and she was holding these lollies to her chest with her head tilted looking to the floor and smiling At me. Which made me nervous. So I disappeared again for 3 months. And she went past on the train after not seeing me just staring at me? I sat opposite her and she looked at everyone but me. So I thought ok lol. Disappeared for 2 months. But I would never stand near her anymore. This is when I noticed her just staring looking confused and stressed out. She would walk past and smile. Then I would disappear for ages weeks and each time she seen me she started talking to me. Then I disappeared again and she started saying hi. All of which would be a pattern I. e stare , check hair , make up , walk past, say hi , blush really bad. So after the last time which she blushed really bad when walking past on the train as its closer to her car i noticed how if I randomly sat near her she never walked to the other side? Only if I was not on the same carriage? I disappeared off the train as of my work commitments so I was going to introduce myself. But when I seen her with her new boyfriend she went embarrassed avoided eye contact with me? Seemed like she was distancing herself from her boyfriend making it seem asif they weren't toegether. Ok so I decided to not add her on fb but comment on her photo to show I do like her. Her boyfriend found out she didn't do anything so I seen them the day after check updates...


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  • Your story, is all over the place. Isn't so clear, but she seemed to have liked you, and still sort of does. She has a boyfriend, now and is probably trying to get over you, so she can move on? Make the story more clear. 😊

    • Ok I'm sorry , ok so liked me for nearly a year I kept disappearing and didn't make any moves this forced her to basicly try and make moves on me. I only got the hint but due to my work I couldn't go back to ask her out or anything. She assumed I wasn't interested and got a new boyfriend. So I came back and let her know via Facebook by commenting on her picture. She seen me the following day and was smiling until her boyfriend walked upto meet her before the train and noticed what she was smiling at - me. He tried to talk to me but I avoided he appeared on the same carriage. She then faced me with a huge smile like she was saying something a biting her lips. Then her bed faced back around. I avoided him he didn't have the chance to speak to me? As he found out about me commenting. She then sent me a message saying just because I seen her around doesn't mean I can approach he seen me at a supermarket 20 minutes later check up check next message for continued

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    • I know :) I don't know if she is happy I seen her with him being distant with him looking miserable. Obv I'm not a douche I always keep options open but out of all the girls i have to say I will keep the door open for her as I'm very interested in her I find her quite unique she's very different to every woman I've met. Body language , looks , etc etc. She acts very similar to me aswell. Very weird. But anyway I'm just confused lol

    • Ok, well good luck 😉

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