Girls, Girl with new boyfriend forced to reject me?

Ok me and this girl used to catch the tram after work. We would check each other out , she started mirroring me , watching everything I do , etc. As time went on it continued when I didn't make moves she would look sad and plant her head on the window looking at me. Or if I stood next to her at the stop she would huff and puff. Ok I couldn't continue catching this tram due to work? So I noticed if she past on the tram she would stare at me , or if I got on a later stop she would stare at the ground as soon as she seen me her eyes lit up and seemed happier. I disappeared again for 2 weeks say opposite her and she was holding these flowers to her chest staring and smiling whilst tilting her head and switching between me and the floor. Which made me nervous. So after me didappearing I sat opposite her she avoided eye contact but looked at everyone else. Confused me so I disappeared for another 3 months i started catching it again but getting on the other side of the tram. She would just stare at me looking confused. Then purposely check hair, make up walk past and smile. Then each time I dissapeared for a few weeks it got the point were she continued but started saying hi and blushing really bad. I noticed how if I sat near her she wouldn't bother walking to the other side at all only to get my attention. She once shoved her travel card with her name in my face when the ticket warden came Ok so due to my work I disappeared but came back to make my move which I seen her with her new bf? She went red , distant with him avoided eye contact with me tried to make it OK as if they weren't toegether. So I know co fused her I decided to not add her on fb but comment on her photo Sauk g she looks nice. So I seen her the day after. She was smiling at me until her be walked up to meet her. I went into a different carriage and he followed me. When he faced the other way on the tram she faced me (continues )..

She faced me and stared with big pupils? Huge smile , biting and licking her lips etc until he faced back around. So I got off early to avoid her boyfriend which annoyed him. So he forced her to message me and block me on Facebook. I seen him 20 mins later he asked if I was... I said no she was stood behind him with a huge smile again. So I left it 2 days sent an apology saying I didn't mean to cause problems and the reason for my disappearing chexk up date
Get to know each other and the reason for my disappearing and that I felt shy as I thought she was beautiful etc and she would make me feel nervous looking at me in cute ways. So I said see you around. So she immediately changed her linked in picture from a professional one to a casual one which is weird as she's had the other one for years. Only Jude decided to change it lol. So she hasn't blocked me. So in really confused I don't get her at all lol !


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