What the hell, she's confusing me what does she want?

I met this girl, took her on a date and had really good chemistry. We started movin really fast we had sex, started meeting the family and friends and all that. We became exclusive. After a week of being exclusive she broke it off and said she's just not ready for another serious relationship at the moment. She was honest and said she wanted to have fun this summer but then she met me. She has some stuff going on in her life but she opened up about it and a lot was with her family, and life issues. I decided to give her space, and after the second day she contacted me. We still go on dates and kiss. There are days she won't talk to me cause she gets annoyed by her problems and doesn't want to bombard me with them and when we do she's doesn't put that much effort in a text and doesn't check up on me anymore. Last night we hung out and had a blast at the drive in , on the drive home she said she didn't understand me and why I still hang around her cause guys usually give up on her after awhile. Is she testing me or is she trying to talk to others while pushing me away slowly.


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  • I think a honest conversation is the only thing that will answer to your question


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  • Sounds like an indecisive and fickle type of girl. You have to be careful falling for these types, as they can seriously crush your heart.

    I think she's not necessarily pursuing other guys simultaneously. She could simply be conflicted about what she wants.

    If you still want her, what I recommend is that, since she's had an apparently rocky relationship with guys in the past, you do everything you can to stand apart.

    This is especially the case during rough times. She'll likely be used to guys behaving poorly in these cases and breaking up with them. The moment you start to exhibit anything close to the same pattern of behaviors, she could go from loving you to dropping you on a whim.

    In these cases, I suggest you demonstrate the peak of maturity. The peak of maturity does not say, "I behaved poorly because she did this and that." It stops at "I behaved poorly". It does not excuse poor behavior on any account, no matter how many buttons she pushes. When you're tempted to be angry with her, hug her and gently asks what's wrong. You'll really separate yourself from the rest that way. Don't give her any excuse to think you're another one in a line of guys to just screw up the relationship.

    And be gentle, be patient. Don't fall in love too quickly, and hug her a lot and talk to her a lot. Start sharing your mind and probing hers. It'll build a bond between you two plus you'll be able to find out what she actually thinks about you two a lot better.