The Greencard talk?

Would a foreign man, after talking to a girl for a month online, be offended if she indirectly mentioned her concern over him and a Greencard? She had said that it wasn't personal, that she had dated a foreign man in the past that kept asking her for one and in the end hurt her after she kept refusing, so she wanted to bring it up just once and get the conversation out of the way even though he's from a first world country and most likely would understand why she'd ask. He replied kindly and saying flat out he wasn't interested in that. This was all in writing and he is from a country where politeness is important.


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  • That's his problem it has to be brought up that's always a big issue when dating a foreigner. I dont trust them

  • Lol. Is he canadian? TBH I have no fucking idea what the issue here is at all.

    • I just wanted to know if mentioning it would be offensive if they are innocent. I'm not sure how I'd feel if someone asked me that. Then again I'm ridiculously sensitive, which is why I'm here. Can't assume how others would respond if I am going by how I would react.

    • After looking at your profile, I see you're from the UK. He's from the UK. A Brit doing something like that is unlikely if not impossible, I know, but he gave a lot of emotions very fast and made a Greencard joke. After my abusive relationship with a man who wanted one, my antenna went up. I told him about that but I think he's offended. I sent a text and didn't get a reply. :/

    • Just because he's from the UK, it doesn't mean he's a decent person. We have a lot of immigrants. lol

      Don't worry about it. If he's offended by that, it's his problem. He probably had bad intentions anyway.

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  • Now you just tipped him off and he'll be more careful. Honestly if you're worried about being used you should just end the relationship.

    • Or he will know I'm alert and just quit altogether.

      I don't think anyone enters a relationship without doubts in some way or another. In time, you get to know someone and you'll know whats up, but I don't want to invest time for a lie so i addressed it right away.

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    • 1) No, that's exactly what I said in my reply to your comment
      2) I might have misunderstood this question so I'll answer in two different ways. I've stated my wants and needs and men are always fine with it. They state theirs as well. This one even told me about his concerns. He made it clear that he doesn't like to be controlled. It's important to be clear from the beginning.

      If you mean would I stay if he initially wanted to use me and then it changed, then of course not. Who would? To be honest, I said what I said to see if he runs away knowing that I've been through it before and Know about it.

    • I agree that we're having some miscommunication. I'm sorry!

      I hope being clear and up front works out for you. It's so awful to be used :/

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