Guys, Do you think I have a problem?

I seem to only fall for guys who live in totally different states then me.


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  • Well... what state do you live in lol.
    Seriously, it depends. Probably a good idea to try falling for local guys tho.

    • I live in CT. I have fallin for a guy in Alabama, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania (sorry I don't know how to spell that one)

    • I don't really know my U. S states... i live in Canada.
      But if they're really far away you'll probably never see em in person and get anywhere with them.

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  • I take it you know these guys from the internet or only talk online?

    It often happens that limited contact like that makes it much easier to fall for someone, as people tend to 'fill in the blanks' unconsciously. I have done this too in long distance relationships I have had in the past.

    Essentially, since you don't know (well) how they are in person, you assume things. I, for instance, assumed stuff like: "oh I bet she is is very confident and sexy in the way she moves" or "she probably is in a happy mood all the time!"

    In other words, they may seem (much) better than they actually are in person. It reminds me of the saying "distance makes the heart grow fonder".

    • One I met through Instagram (Alabama) and the other two I met in person one I met through my dad the other was visiting and I was working

    • I do think what I was talking about is playing a role here. I have heard of people who decided to move in with their long distance partner after a long time of online contact, only to find they were way different from his they expected them to be.

      In short, there is nothing wrong with you. It's just that these guys seem better than they actually are. Rest assured, there are good guys in your home state too!

    • If there are any nice guys I've hardly come across them

  • iv heard about this problem before, go to the doctor