Guys, What traits do you look for in a girl?

Guys, what do you search for in a potential mate? Include things like personality, intelligence, looks and even things like hair length, height, and any preference you may have as far as the girl's ethnicity.


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  • a lot younger than me and slutty

  • Ass and tits...

  • (this was copied from a same question I've answered already)
    - personality- a sweet, gentle, affectionate, compassionate, decent, and is forward about her feelings, love, and sexual desires, for me. wants a serious/committed relationship, with me, and she is the one who approached and asked me out. doesn't smoke do drugs or drink. doesn't judge my feelings. and she has to have a good sense of humor.
    - Hair color, doesn't matter, length- shorter than shoulder blades/boob length longer than shoulder length
    - eye color- any color
    - Body type- average not fat not too thin.
    - hairstyle-simple straight or wave, no curls, hair could be tied up or pulled down or half up half down.
    - amount of makeup- none. i want a natural beauty who doesn't need makeup.
    - outfit- simple and comfortable shirt tank pants skirts, no grandma looking school teacher dresses
    - face- gentle and sweet looking no piercings
    - other- no piercings and no tattoos
    -not religious or over religious
    -is a virgin, and will only have sex with the right guy, and lucky for me that would be me
    -not hardcore goth
    -height, same or shorter than me
    - looks- difficult to explain there's no specific type, but trust me I've seen many girls in my life who are the perfect match in the "looks just like my dream girl" department