Why guy take photos hugging different girls?

I met one guy who take photos with different girls and always post them on FB profile. I saw one girl that also post photo with that guy on her profile photo. Does they are dating?


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  • If the guy is showing off this much by pasting pictures hugging different girls, the purpose of this is simply to show "look I am desirable by many, look I am a fun guy".

    If you can manage to see past the charade, the true meaning is : I have very low self esteem, I go where the wind takes me.


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  • Does their FB status mention they are in a relationship? May not be dating but may just be close friends, or have a weird picture appreciation

    • No, both of them have no relation status they just hug not kiss.

    • I don't think it's an issue honestly. He's just trying to pretend he's a player.

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