Is he interested or just interested in being funny?

A new co-worker of mine has been flirting with me (I think). He has tried to put a piece of celery in my apron front pocket without me noticing (but I noticed). He saw me standing around and said that I looked bored and I said I was and then he said he could really use help cleaning the tables, even though he only had one table to clean and it was all cups. He pretends to be playing basketball and dribble an imaginary ball around me. He also will randomly walk and deliberately stutter step in front of me. When we clean off plates he will put some of the food from his plate onto mine. He also calls me by name a lot (idk if that is of any significance). these are just a few instances of our encounters that I could recall off of the top of my head.

Does it sound like he likes me or do you think he is just flirting and being funny? If you need any additional information to make your decision please let me know :-)


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  • He is interested in you. You will probably have to make the first move because it feels like he uses joking around to avoid real feelings that might hurt him.


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  • I am Seeing the Signs of a guy who is definitely Into you here, dear.
    Try Initiating a bit with this Boy, don't be Coy, especially if you Feel it might be a good Deal that even when the Doors close after Five, you both Hang out some time and perhaps Grab a table with your own Bit of a Bite.
    Good luck. xx


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