Why Did My Girlfriend of 3 years forget my birthday?

What does all this mean, when my girlfriend forgets my birthdate or claims she confused it with someone else's birthdate which comes a day later? We've been together for three years, and during those three years I have always remembered her correct birthdate, and always buy her a fairly expensive birthday gift/present (nothing less than $400!!). And as for her, other than text messages wishing me happy birthday, she never buys me anything. This time around my birthday was today (Saturday July 24th). She forgot... and a friend of hers had to remind her in a text message copied to me. And then she argued with her friend about it, telling her friend that my birthdate is tomorrow, Sunday July 24th. Then later when she realised that she got my date of birth wrong, her explanation was that she must have confused it with someone else's birthdate (someone she knows who happens to share the same first name as me). I just think this is a bunch of baloney, and I don't buy this crap! It is a lousy excuse - we've been together for three years and I expect her not to confuse my birthdate with anyone's birthdate, I never confuse hers with anyone else's. I'm so pissed off... I don't want to see her or talk to her right now!!!

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  • She did on purpose, it shows she really doesn't care about you?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Today is Sat. July 23rd but you still have a cheap girlfriend. If you've been together for 3 years, you have bought her gifts and all she does is writes you text messages on your b-day then it doesn't seem like she cares about the relationship too much.
    I detest cheapness in both genders.


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  • She did on purpose, it shows she really doesn't care about you


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  • Doesn't sound like she appreciates you. You even mentioned how you make an effort buying her something good on her b-day while she's so cheap that she only wishes you happy b-day through a "text message" and gives you nothing.


What Guys Said 2

  • Don't fret im terrible with birthdays, a LOT of people are.

  • Probably a mistake or she just forgot but she shouldn't have forgot, does she really care about you? She doesn't seem to care much. I think you deserve someone better. You buy her gifts and all she does is send you a text.

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