Was this rude of him?

So guy and I were talking on the phone and then he got off the phone saying his brother was arguing with his girlfriend and asked if he can call me back. I told him oh well call me after then. He said ok. Few minutes went by and he checked my snapchat and replied. Few more minutes and eventually nothing. I texted him saying ok, we'll have a nice night then. Last night we stayed on the phone but he fell asleep. We talked about how cute it was I followed along and the call was about 7 hours. He said he liked it. Now it seems like he was avoiding that from happening tonight. Now I'm feeling insecure that he's finding my kind of flirting weird. Every time I flirt I feel like he's not interested. But when he's drunk he flirts all the time. I feel like I'm getting played.

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  • yeah it is


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  • I think you're overthinking everything.

    • I could be but I stay up just for him so I can speak to him. But it seems like he doesn't care. He just does things for him and doesn't recognize the things I do for him.

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    • Yeah true. But he could've told me he was going to go to sleep instead of making me wait? I waited for him because he said he would call me back. If he didn't want to talk just say he's going to talk to me later. If I dont want to talk, I dont leave someone hanging and say call you back. I tell him goodnight ill talk to you tomorrow.

    • Maybe he didn't realize how long it would take and then just forgot to tell you. If it keeps happening then you should talk to him about it. But if it has only happened once, then I wouldn't think so hard about it. Don't overreact because of such a small thing.

  • Girl please ditch him! you are soooo much better than that jerk

    • I've been having a hard time deciding if I should stay or should I go. I'm nervous because I want to be with someone but I know I'm not happy with this one.

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