Girls, Why hasn't she rejected me lol?

Ok long story but here goes - roughly 1 year ago I started catching the transport home after work and instantly got attracted to a women and we would share glances ( her ability to stare at me right back and look me up and down shocked me so I backed off ) . So it was cobstant staring , copying my actions , watching my every move , staring from distances, randomly dressing up. Then I caught the transport less frequently. I noticed that if I was to get on randomly she would be staring looking depressed and her eyes and atitude would brighten up. So ok just staring still then I would catch it every 2 weeks. Once I sat opposite her and she wAs holding these flowers to her chest switching her gaze from me to the floor repeatedly with a smile. What is that lol ! . Ok so I disappeared for 4 months. I got on and say opposite her and took a quick look at her and she looked at everyone but me? So I assumed she wasn't interested. So I disappeared for 3 months again but I when I caught the train I wouldn't stand near her anymore. She would stare at me from a distance watching me laugh and joke with other passengers. But I noticed that she started to check hair, make up then walk past me and smile. The next time she done the same. After 3 weeks of not seeing me I sat near her again she avoided eye contact but didn't walk to the other side? Hmm strange. So I disappeared again caught it two weeks after and she was staring again looking confused walked past etc said hi and blushes heavily. Ok so what the hell is happening? So I was busy with work couldn't go catch it to talk with her. So I went back to basicly make my move to find her and her new boyfriend catching the train. She noticed me and went red, looked angry and distant with her boyfriend. ? So I decided to not add her on fb but comment on her photo saying she looks nice to let her know I do like her? So I seen her the following day on the train ( check update )

She had a big smile until her be came to meet her. He noticed why she was smiling and followed me into the same carriage. As he faced the other way she stared me into the eyes with wide pupils a huge smile and bit her lips. Until her boyfriend faced back around. So I got off to avoid her boyfriend she sent a message as he obv got annoyed. So basicly said my boyfriend is aware and just because I seen her around doesn't mean I can approach her. So I ignored it. Check update
Her be tapped me on shoulder 20 mins later as I was at a supermarket he asked if I was *** I said no. She stood behind him with a huge smile. Then blocked me. So two days later I messaged her on linked in. Saying sorry. I was meaning to speak with her God a while. But couldn't due to work ando hope in the future we can get to know each other. So she hasn't blocked me she's changed her photo instantly to a casual one smile looks similar lol so I'm confused as to what she thinking? Help


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  • I hope I never am in such a messy situation..

    • Hmm, why do you think she's doing these things? Isit confusion

    • Oh, you are much more confusing than her...

    • I suppose so?

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