Does he like me? Or is he lying?

There's this guy I like, and I think he likes me back. We've hung out a couple of times, and he used to always ask me to hang and to see me. Last week we hung out a big more, as he kept hugging me, kissing my cheek and head, and would always be my side. He tried to kiss me, but I wasn't in the mood, but he was really nice about it and respected me. The next day I told him I couldn't wait to see him again, and then he told me he wanted to be open and told me he was seeing someone, but didn't know what the status of their relationship was, cause the girl was distant with him. But he also said he did want to see me again, and wanted to hang out. Is it possible he likes me, but met me at a wrong time, and liked both of us? Or did he want some kind of physical relationship with me?

Just to refer to the if it was a physical relationship thing, when we hung out the second time we were cuddling the whole time, he wanted to take me home and just cuddle, I said no, but we continued to do so where we were.


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  • It is hard for outsiders to definitively tell if he likes you wholeheartedly; only you can really tell. Just because there is another girl in his life doesn't mean he doesn't like you. But that alone should be enough reason not to enter into a relationship with him immediately. He must unequivocally prove to you his relationship with the other girl has ended.

    • I've hung out with both of them, I know the girl but I don't know her well, and from what I've seen the body language between both of them screamed more ''friends'' than ''dating''. I'm giving him space right now, he hasn't texted or called me since last week. I'm just giving him space until he knows for sure.

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  • He wasn't serious about you.