Is he interested or just wants sex?

I've been talking to this guy for a week and we have lots in common, I don't think I've ever had much in common with someone especially meeting them online. We are both honest and open with each other which I like. I told him I think we have a connection and he agrees we do and he wants to take things slow. He told me something kind of personal, and he said he never told anyone before, not even his past relationships. His main focus is his job and he would talk to me during work when he has the chance. The thing I'm questioning is he says he is a sexual person and our convo has been somewhat sexual and he tells me he is lonely and I don't know what to say to that. Then he says "I wish someone was here" then that's when it gets sexual. He has sent me a shirtless pic before and he told me he's getting comfortable. Sometimes I wouldn't hear from him for a a bit and check in and he's told me his job is his priority and that work is crazy. He still wants to talk to me and that I have to understand that work is crazy. Which I do. Anyways what do you think? Ps. I asked him about meeting up and we live quite a distance and he said he didn't want me to go around where he lives because it's not safe and he wants me safe. Something along the lines like that. A couple times he would say "sweet dreams" when going to bed.

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  • I think he might be interested. The only way to find out for sure is he will have to eventually ask you out on a date first and see how he acts in person. If he talks about sex a lot then it's really a sexual thing. But if he mixes it up and tries to get to know you then it's more then sex.

    • I asked him about meeting up and he wants to meet me as well so I asked when he wants to meet and he kept avoiding it until the last time and he said I'm being to forward which I stopped asking and so I said just let me know. He told me he's a little shy. He's a career given guy as well so sometimes I wouldn't hear from him and I thought he doesn't want to talk to me anymore. He said get that out of your head and he's a career driven guy. He asks very little questions about me and so I asked him do you have any questions or what do you want to know about me and he's like everything. Past, present future etc.

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    • Yea I did, but he didn't really ask me any questions just wanted to know what I've asked him so I told him.

    • Uh ok. So he wanted you to do all the talking as well. He seems very shy and secretive. The secretive part can be very very bad because it shows he is afraid to open up to you and let you inside his world.

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