He's dated other people, but is he still into her?

My crush and his ex-girlfriend have been broken up for over a year now but people look at them and think they're dating.

He's kissed her a couple of times and he goes out of his way for her. As far as I know, he doesn't treat them the way he treats her. For the most part, he doesn't talk to his other exes unless he has to.

He's told me once that he can't see them working out, but he acts like he still likes her. What's his deal?

Correction in the second paragraph: I meant to say he doesn't treat his other exes the way he treats her. (SORRY!)


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  • Wait, if your talking about someone you care about you got rid the outside comments while talking about them. I mean, you say, "people look at them and think they're dating." Is it people, or just you?

    He's obviously still in love with her I assume, but has doubt in his heart that they will ever get back together. He's not ready to move on I'm guessing.

    • No people. Like for instance, this cashier at a store said he and his ex make a cute couple. Stuff like that, lol. And I meant to say he doesn't talk to his other exes, but he talks to her a lot. And I guess you're right...

    • I figured what you meant already. Do you know why they split in the first place? By someone saying they make a cute couple, the distance between them doesn't seem major at all. They still sound close, so they may get back together eventually.

    • He broke up with her mostly because of distance. They live a couple of hours apart so things like winter break and summer vacation would be hard. Although secretly I wonder if it's partly because he freaked out at the possibility of being her first love and first person she'd have sex with. He says he likes her personality and likes hanging out with her, but I don't know...

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